Me in my early 30’s

I started off my early 30’s in debt, feeling lost. Recently separated, I found myself with a whole lot of time to do some deep soul searching. What I found wasn’t all that surprising. I wasn’t happy and as my mental well being deteriorated, so had my financial well being. Almost 30K of credit card debt, some student loans, a car payment and a mortgage. That’s where this journey all started.

I spent some years trying to figure out what brought me happiness, while slowly dragging myself out of a bad financial situation. Yoga, meditation and getting back to an active lifestyle helped bring me to a better place physically and mentally.

My Family

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I met my wife in 2014 while practising yoga at a local studio. We started dating, traveled a bit and then I sold most of my possessions so we could move into a tiny apartment together. Turns out this was a great decision, as she inspired me to pay off the remainder of my debt in a really short amount of time.

We married in 2018 and celebrated the birth of our daughter in 2019.

Our Goals

We (Ms. Prairie Fire and myself) aim to reach financial independence soon. Maybe in the next 10 years? The math looks good, but only time will tell.

Our short term goals are to increase our emergency savings fund to a full 6 months (currently at about $9,000), put together a will (feels important with the birth of our daughter) and continuing to increase our savings rate.

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